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Privacy Policy

Pace International, LLC, Privacy Policy
Effective Date: July 8, 2020


本政策描述Pace国际有限责任公司(“Pace”)的信息收集和使用实践. This includes for our websites. It applies to information we collect from you when you interact with us. 它适用于买世界杯app下载从购买买世界杯app下载世界杯官方app或服务的组织工作人员那里收集的信息. 它还适用于求职者.

Categories of Information We Collect

Listed below are details about the categories of information we collect:

Contact information. We collect your name and phone number. We also collect your address and email address. We collect your job title and organization name.

Demographic information. We collect your zip code. We collect location information from website visitors. This may include precise location information.

Job applicant information. We collect name, phone number, and address from job applicants. We also collect resume, education, employment history, and the results of credentials and background checks.

Site usage information. 当您访问买世界杯app下载的网站或使用买世界杯app下载的应用程序时,买世界杯app下载会收集日志和会话数据. We collect browser and operating system information. 买世界杯app下载收集您来自的网站或您离开买世界杯app下载时访问的网站. We collect your IP address. We also collect device identifiers.

Business Purposes for Information Use


We use information to respond to your requests. We use contact information to respond to you. 买世界杯app下载也使用联系信息与您沟通买世界杯app下载的政策和条款. 如果您向买世界杯app下载申请工作,买世界杯app下载将使用求职者信息来处理您的申请.

We use information for marketing purposes. 买世界杯app下载使用联系信息通知您有关新世界杯官方app和特别优惠. This may be by email or text. It may also be on social media platforms. This includes information about Pace and other affiliated companies. 它还包括买世界杯app下载认为你会感兴趣的信息,如通讯或白皮书. 如果您获得晋升或抽奖,买世界杯app下载会使用联系信息通知您.

We use information to improve our products and services. We use site usage information to make our website and products better. 买世界杯app下载使用您的买世界杯app下载、人口统计和网站使用信息来定制您与买世界杯app下载的体验. We use your contact and demographic information for market research.

We use information to protect our company and constituents. 买世界杯app下载使用买世界杯app下载、人口统计和站点使用信息来保护买世界杯app下载的公司和客户. We use this same information to identify fraud and secure our systems. 买世界杯app下载将所有类别的信息用于法律允许的其他目的.

How We Collect Information

We collect categories of information in the following ways:

We collect information directly from you. 买世界杯app下载从您那里收集您的买世界杯app下载、人口统计和求职者信息. This could be in person or over the phone. It could also be on our website.

We collect information passively. We use tracking tools to collect site usage and demographic information. Tracking tools include browser cookies and web beacons. We do this on our websites and in emails that we send to you. We collect information about users over time when you use our websites. We have third parties collect personal information this way.

We collect information about you from others. 买世界杯app下载从业务合作伙伴那里收集买世界杯app下载、人口统计和站点使用信息. Social media platforms may give us information about you. We purchase contact information from third parties. 买世界杯app下载可能会从其他关联公司收集有关您的买世界杯app下载和人口统计信息.

We Combine Information

We combine information collected in-person with that we receive online. 买世界杯app下载还可以将从第三方获得的信息与买世界杯app下载已有的信息结合起来. 买世界杯app下载还将买世界杯app下载拥有的信息与买世界杯app下载从相关公司获得的信息相结合.

When We Share Information with Others

We share categories of information as described here:

We share information with related companies. We share information with our affiliates and subsidiaries. These related entities include Valent Biosciences LLC, Valent USA LLC, Mycorrhizal Applications LLC, and Sumitomo Chemical America, Inc. We will share information with future related companies. Information we share includes contact information. It also includes demographic, and site usage information.

We share information with vendors who perform services on our behalf. We share contact, demographic, and site usage information with vendors who provide services on our behalf.

如果买世界杯app下载认为为了遵守法律或保护自己,买世界杯app下载必须分享信息. 买世界杯app下载共享买世界杯app下载收集的关于您的信息,以回应法院命令或传票. 买世界杯app下载在回应政府机构或调查机构的请求时共享信息. We share information we collect when we investigate potential fraud.

We share information with any successor to all or part of our business. 如果买世界杯app下载的全部或部分业务被出售,买世界杯app下载可能会分享您的信息作为交易的一部分. If there is a merger or acquisition, we may also share your information. If there is a financing or bankruptcy, we may share your information.


You Have Certain Choices


You can opt out of receiving our marketing emails. To stop receiving our promotional emails, 请按照买世界杯app下载提供的任何促销信息中的“退订”说明. 即使您选择不接收营销信息,买世界杯app下载仍然会向您发送交易信息. 这些信息包括对您的问题的回答或其他有关您的账户的必要信息.

You can control cookies and tracking tools. 学习如何管理买世界杯app下载和买世界杯app下载的供应商使用cookies和其他跟踪工具的方式, and to read our Do Not Track Policy, click here.

We Use Reasonable Security Measures

The Internet is not 100% secure. 买世界杯app下载不能保证您使用买世界杯app下载的网站或应用程序是完全安全的. We encourage you to use caution when using the Internet. This includes not sharing your passwords.

We Store Information in the United States

We are located in the United States. We maintain our digital properties and businesses for use in the US. 买世界杯app下载的服务和物业不是为居住在其他地方的人准备的. If you live outside of the United States, 您理解并同意买世界杯app下载可以将您的信息转移到美国. This site is subject to U.S. 这些法律可能无法提供与你的国家相同水平的保护. Our sites and businesses are subject to US 这些法律可能无法提供与你的国家相同水平的保护. 提交您的信息,即表示您同意在美国处理这些信息.

Third Party Sites and Links

如果您点击到第三方网站的链接,您将被带到买世界杯app下载不控制的网站. This includes our pages on social media sites. This policy does not apply to the privacy practices of these websites. Read the privacy policy of other websites carefully. We are not responsible for these third party practices.

Information Collection from Children

Our sites and apps are meant for adults. 买世界杯app下载不会在未经父母或监护人许可的情况下,故意收集13岁以下儿童的个人身份信息. 如果您是家长或合法监护人,认为您13岁以下的孩子向买世界杯app下载提供了信息, you can email us. You can also write to us at the address listed at the end of this policy. Please mark your inquiries “COPPA Information Request.“家长们,你可以在这里了解更多关于如何保护孩子的隐私.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this Policy, you can write to us at: Pace International, LLC, Attn: Privacy Office, 5661 Branch Road, Wapato, WA, 98951. You can email us at pace.info@mylovecall.com.

Policy Updates

We may make changes or updates to this Policy. 如果法律要求本政策发生任何重大变更,买世界杯app下载将通过您的电子邮件地址通知您. All changes will also be posted on our website. Please check our site periodically for updates.

Memberships and Affiliations